At two years old, Tarah was almost three feet tall.  She grew more than six inches between her first and second birthdays. She was also using eight to ten word sentences and speaking quite clearly.  She’d inform anyone who thought differently that she was not a toddler anymore, but instead a two-year-old, and that she “could do that!”…(whatever it was she wanted to accomplish at the time).

        Before her Second birthday, she learned the colors and how to count to twenty, could sing the ABC’s, other children’s songs, the National Anthem (in tune), and could even recite the Pledge of Allegiance.  She would also sometimes take a song she already knew and make up her own words to it.  Her brother remarked that on the playground equipment she could now do everything that he could do—just not as well.  Two years, two months came, and she began spending a couple morning hours each day at Merry Moppet’s Preschool. She discovered their computer (which became her favorite activity) and used it to play a large variety of learning games.  Luckily, Tarah was being raised in an environment that gave her opportunity to thrive, explore her abilities, and push her limits.         

        At two and a half years, Tarah knew how to use all the letters of the alphabet and spell many words.  She also potty-trained herself in one day (April 13th), which was probably due more to her first real lesson in cause and effect than anything else.  Left outside to play in the yard, she realized that the wet, runny stuff that slid down her leg without a sturdy diaper to catch it all, didn’t really feel so great.  The youngster was quick to make the connection, discovering it better to pull down and squat rather than continue to rely on the seemingly useless soggy cloth garment she currently had on.  Though unintentional, the lesson stuck and ultimately saved a lot of future time and hassle.

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