Because of her highly athletic background, Tarah entered into the exciting world of stunts. She

enjoys supplementing her theatrical work on film with stunt work and find it a useful skill to have,

being able to often perform her own on-camera action, as well as act. It began with gymnastics

practices, sports acro, & hand-to-hand balancing with friends, but has turned into a significant

part of her career & source of film opportunity as well. Tarah took her natural abilities & began

training. Fight work, rock climbing, trampoline, trapeze, high-wire work, high falls, stair falls, stunt

  driving, air rams, mini tramp, & contortion. Some of her film and Television highlights include:

                                "Alice In Wonderland" (Disney) Garrett Warren (Alice Dbl - Mia Wasikowska) - TAURUS AWARD NOMINATION

                                "Nightmare on Elm Street" -- Brad Allen -- Stunt double lead (Rooney Mara) -- TAURUS AWARD NOMINATION

                                "John Cater Of Mars" -- Garrett Warren/Mark Ginther (Stunt Warrior) -- Sword Fighting/Ratchets

                                "Last Call with Carson Daly" -- NBC -- Profiled on her career as a Stunt Artist.

                                "The Losers" -- Warner Brothers -- Garrett Warren (Stunt Performer - Stunt Driving)

                                "Mars Needs Moms" -- Disney -- Garrett Warren (Ki Double - Elisabeth Harnois)

                                "Make it or Break it" -- Disney / ABC -- (Gymnastics Coordinator and doubling for the leads)

                                "Californication" -- Showtime -- Phil Colata (ND Stunts, ground hits)

                                "Four Christmases" -- Newline Cinema -- Charlie Croughwell (Doubled Reese Witherspoon)

                                "Transformers II" -- DreamWorks -- Kenny Bates (Doubled Isabel Lucas)

                                "Step Brothers" -- Columbia Pictures -- Gary Davis (Fight scenes)

                                "Cleaner" -- CBS -- Co-star & stunts -- Ian Quinn -- (Water stunt)
                                "Benchwarmers"-- Sony Pictures -- Gary Guercio/Greg Barnett (High fall & stair fall stunts)
                                "Lost" -- Mike Trisler -- Stunt Double for Evangeline Lilly (water stunts and high falls)
                                 "ER" -- Warner Bros.-- Co-star & stunts -- Cort Hessler (high fall thru 4 floors) (Stunt Emmy Nomination).

                                 "ER" -- Warner Bros. -- Dicky Beers (Fire Stunts / Burning Fire on Leg)

                                 "Related" -- WB -- Co-star & stunts -- Wally Crowder (Stunt hits and stair fall).

                                 "Motorola" -- Natl Commercial (Lead) -- (Joe Pitka / Bob Yerkes) -- (40' ft high fall onto firemen's catcher net)

                                 "MasterCard" -- Natl Commercial -- Eliza Coleman -- (Sail Boat Flip / Water scene)

                                 "Dukes of Hazzard II" -- ABC Family -- Diamond Farnsworth -- (Go-cart stunts)

                                 "House"--20th Century FOX -- (Stunts and Recurring) -- Jim Vickers -- (High falls, Rock climbing stunt, etc)

                                 "Malcolm in the Middle" -- CBS -- Bobby Porter -- (Contortion)

                                 "Unfabulous" -- Nickelodeon -- Mike Cassidy -- (Doubled Emma Roberts) (Gymnastics / contortion / high fall)

                                 "The Comebacks"-- Universal -- Supporting role & Stunts -- Allen Graf --(Gymnastics/High level balence beam)

                                 "Heroes"-- NBC -- Scott Wilder -- (Cheerleading and gymnastics stunts)

                                 "Hack"-- Allumination Filmworks -- Peter King (Doubled lead actress) (fire & water stunts)

                                 "Glass House II"-- Destination Films -- Lou Simon (Doubled lead actress) (glass, ground hits, & stair falls)

Tarah currently trains stunt with Bob Yerkes and Danny & Karen Castle.

Special thanks to the following coordinators for maintaining her safety and well being on set:

Ernie Thrash, Chris Doyle, Bobby Porter, J.P. Romano, Cort Hessler, Julie Michaels, Conrad Palmisano, Peter King,

Greg Barnett, Gary Guercio, Mike Cassidy, Mitch Gould, Lou Simon, Keith Campbell, Rene Mousseux, Allen Graf,

Wally Crowder, Gary Morgan, Shane Anderson, Diamond Farnsworth, Steve Hudis, John Epstien, Norbert Phillips,

Gene LeBell, Jim Vickers, Scott Wilder, Steve Hart, Vladimir Tevlovski, Danny and Karen Castle, Tim Davison, Mike

Ryan, Matt Anderson, Ian Quinn, Brad Bovee, Garrett Warren, Eric Chen, Eliza Coleman, Dicky Beers, Gary Davis,

Charlie Croughwell, Mark Ginther, Kenny Bates, Thom Williams, Karin Silvestri Coye, Phil Tan, Phil colata, Brad Allen,

Mike Trisler, and many more.

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