Special Abilities highlight Tarah's other areas of talent & interest.

Recording & performing music, as well as composing lyrics, has always been a creative

outlet for her, and she hopes to continue to explore this avenue, alongside her filmwork.

Listed below are Tarah's credits and attributes as a recording artist:

                                            --  12 years professional vocal training (in several states)

                                            --  More than a Three-Octave vocal range

                                            --  Performs on occasion on National Television as a singer, including her debut in 2003 for

                                                 the ABC TV program "All-American Girl, & in 2006 on the TV show, "Celebrity Duets."

                                            --  Writes, plays, and records her own music.

                                            --  Recorded on various CD's for Celebrity artists including Ce Ce Peniston, and

                                                 the recording of a Charity Christmas CD for the benefit of NYC's 9/11 victims.

                                            --  Soloist performer for the region-wide rock tour with "Freedom Force" .

                                            --  Guest soloist artist for the "Accept A Challenge" Benefit (for under-priviledged children).